Placemat and Coaster Set

Placemat and Coaster

I love the colour of teal! Can you tell?

When I saw this gorgeous yarn from Bernat, I simply had to have it. It works up so perfectly¬†and there’s no snagging or pilling. It’s absolutely the perfect yarn for these placemats.

I’ve created a lovely quick-and-easy free pattern for knitted placemats and coasters. As a bonus, Read more

How to unpick your knitting from the bottom edge

Unpick Knitting from Bottom edgeSome days, I get so excited about knitting that I tend to get carried away. This was one of those days. I was making a cute tea cosy that looks like a cabled sweater (see the free pattern here). I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.

I will admit, I may or may not have also been distracted by the TV. And I didn’t count the cables correctly. All this excitement and distraction resulted in the little sweater having one side longer than the other. Oops! Read more

Warm Fuzzies Scarf

Warm Fuzzies
How can something so easy look so fabulous? Nobody will believe you when you tell them its a knit!
I¬†love this scarf so much. The pattern gives it such an interesting textured look. There’s no need to sew in the loose ends as they create the fringe. You may want to knot the tips to prevent fraying.
This scarf is knitted length-wise, not from the bottom up as most scarves are. It’s done in a seed (or moss) stitch to give the scarf more texture. I’ve used a velour type yarn, but it will work with any yarn, really. I chose this yarn simply because I liked the feel of it.

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