How to unpick your knitting from the bottom edge

Unpick Knitting from Bottom edgeSome days, I get so excited about knitting that I tend to get carried away. This was one of those days. I was making a cute tea cosy that looks like a cabled sweater (see the free pattern here). I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.

I will admit, I may or may not have also been distracted by the TV. And I didn’t count the cables correctly. All this excitement and distraction resulted in the little sweater having one side longer than the other. Oops!Unpick knitting from the bottom part 1

Unfortunately, I only noticed this little mistake after knitting the collar around the top and the ribbing down the left side. I definitely did not want to pull out all that work.

So the next best bet was to unpick the right side from the bottom. Eek! I’d never done this before. My palms were sweating, my hands were shaking, ok not really, but I was a little nervous. So here’s the process I went through, step by step …

STEP 1:  First, let’s find the row where you want to start unpicking. The row I needed to unpick at was the first cable. I used a slightly thinner, double pointed needle (for convenience) and picked up every stitch in that row. I counted the stitches, just to be sure. Make sure you get them all to avoid future headaches. Unpick knitting from the bottom part 2

STEP 2:  This is where things become scary. Ok, not really, but we don’t want to make a mistake at this point. We’re going to snip away at the stitches BELOW the needle. The needle is saving you work from unravelling, so be sure to cut below it. We’re going to do this slowly and snip away at each stitch below the needle. Unpick knitting from the bottom part 3

This is what it should look like after we’re done. There will be a few loose little bits and pieces. Unpick knitting from the bottom part 4

STEP 3:  We’re going to tidy it up and simply remove all those little loose bits. Nicely done! The worst is over! Unpick knitting from the bottom part 5

STEP 4:  Grab you regular needles that you used to make the piece and finish up the ribbing, knitting downwards. Piece of cake, eh? Looks how great that looks! Unpick knitting from the bottom part 6


And I know you’re all itching to know what the finished tea cosy looks like. Well, here it is. Cute, eh? And here’s the free pattern.Unpick knitting from the bottom part 7


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