Cute Kitty Collars

Well aren’t these cute? Yes, I do mean those two little furry friends, all decked out. These little collars make them all the cuter for their photo-op.

I would like to thank Pebbles and Bam-Bam for posing so beautifully in their new crochet kitty collars.

The crochet Kitty collars are super-easy to make. All you need is a bit of yarn and some buttons and you can whip them up in a few minutes. 

There is a teeny bit of math involved, but it won’t be a problem, I promise. Measure your kitty’s current collar (in inches) and multiply that number by 3.6. That’s it! Remember this number or write it down. This is the number of chain stitches you will start off with. For example, for a nine inch collar, start with 33 chain. Please be sure to measure correctly as we wouldn’t want the collar to be too small.



  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch

Bow Tie

  • Make 10 ch
  • dc into 3rd ch from hook, 2 dc into next 2 ch, 3 sc into next 3 ch, 3 dc into next 3 ch, turn
  • 2 ch, dc into 2nd dc, dc into next dc, (sc into next sc) 3 times, (dc into next dc) 3 times, turn.
  • Repeat the last row. Finish off.


  • Make 4 ch, sl st into 1st ch to make a circle
  • 1 ch, 7 dc into centre of circle, sl st into 1st ch
  • * into same space, work (2 ch, 2 dc, sl st), sl st into next space. Repeat from * 7 times. Fasten off.


  • Measure an existing collar (in inches) and multiply by 3.6 for starting ch
  • Make the calculated number of ch plus another 4 ch
  • dc into the 5th ch from hook (this will form the buttonhole), dc into each of the remainder ch.
  • Fasten off


  • Sew a button securely to the band.
  • Sew the bowtie or flower to the centre of the band.
  • Make sure all loose ends are sewed-in and trimmed to prevent a choking hazard.

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