Crochet Cheat Sheet

We all love those little things that make our lives easier. Life is busy and we need to get to do those things that we love ASAP! I’ve put together a little Crochet Cheat Sheet for you that I hope will do just that.

Please enjoy and share with your crochet buddies.

Crochet Cheat Sheet

  1. If your crochet hooks are all in US sizes, but your cute must-do pattern uses English sizes, this Crochet Hook Conversion Chart is for you!

  2. What about that yarn that’s in your stash and is just perfect for your next project? Will it be the right weight? This gem of Standard Yarn Weights Chart will tell you exactly what weight yarn will match up to your hook size and how many stitches per 4 inches you should be getting. This is pure gold!Warm fuzzies requirements
  3. I needed to wind my own yarn (Ok I’ll admit it, I messed up big time and had to pull out my entire project! We all have those days, eh?) But the thought of having a ball of yarn rolling around when I’m working with it, does not make me a happy girl. Then I came across this wonderful little video, showing how to wind your yarn so that you can pull the thread from the centre of the ball! You’d think this is not very significant, but it has really made my day a happy one!Wind your own Centre Pull Ball
  4. So you’ve found this gorgeous pattern of a crocheted mandala, but it looks like hieroglyphics to you. You’ve heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well the same can be said for patterns. One diagram is more visual and helpful than pages & pages of written pattern. This little explanation of all those symbols will have you interpreting strange looking diagrams into stunning mandalas in no time! Mandala Crochet Symbols
  5. Have you ever wanted to try to crochet with a fine thread, but you don’t want to commit to a large project, just in case you don’t like it? Why not try with a small project, like these cute little wine charms? Once you’re done, enjoy a glass of wine while admiring your fine handiwork at the same time! Life couldn’t be better.Crochet Heart Wine Charm

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