Golden Glamour Shawl

I named this shawl after the yarn I used … Vanna’s Glamour. I really loved working with this yarn. It’s so soft and sparkly.

One would think that the metallic thread would be scratchy, but it’s not. The shawl remains soft and comfortable to the touch. It’s lightweight enough for warm spring and summer evenings.

Golden Glamour ShawlI’ve designed this pattern to be easy, so it’s a perfect project for beginners. I’ve also included links to clear and concise video and written tutorials. Although this pattern is easy, the end product looks very sleek and stylish. Read more

Statement Scarf

Although the calendar says Spring, we’re definitely still having some cool days here in Canada and makers gonna make!
I’ve created this stunning statement scarf to share with you. Not only will it keep you snuggly warm, it also makes a bold and beautiful statement.
And if you’ve been dying to try your hand at knitting cables, this is perfect for you.

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Warm Fuzzies Scarf

Warm Fuzzies
How can something so easy look so fabulous? Nobody will believe you when you tell them its a knit!
I love this scarf so much. The pattern gives it such an interesting textured look. There’s no need to sew in the loose ends as they create the fringe. You may want to knot the tips to prevent fraying.
This scarf is knitted length-wise, not from the bottom up as most scarves are. It’s done in a seed (or moss) stitch to give the scarf more texture. I’ve used a velour type yarn, but it will work with any yarn, really. I chose this yarn simply because I liked the feel of it.

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